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Most of these rituals will be performed on your altar , which can be both your ritual work area and a personal sacred space the rest of the time.

You might want to get a tablecloth to protect its surface and place some elements according to your religious beliefs. To start your practice with the right foot, read this lesson on how to properly set up an altar:. Your spells to attract money will work best if you follow these tips. In fact, for a money-drawing spell to be effective, always keep in mind the following details:. Carry out your rituals with extreme confidence in their Power. In other words, you must have faith!

All negative thoughts should be put aside because they will only get in the way of actual transformation. Always practice positive visualization exercises. Imagine yourself surrounded by wealth and prosperity, and work on feeling worthy of that new flow of cash. For example, you can keep a money-drawing amulet close to you to remind you everyday of your abundance and prosperity both at a mental and spiritual level. If you are trying Wiccan spells for the first time, set up a Wiccan altar by keeping in mind its earth-based origins.

You can also place any other decorations or sacred figures, such as those of Wiccan God and Goddess, or other idols that are part of your Witchcraft tradition; and arrange them on your altar in any way you want. The purpose of the altar is to create a space and atmosphere that mentally puts you in a ready position to cast spells.

Once you have completed a ritual or spell, relax and work on developing patience. Avoid all anxiety or doubts about it. This is totally normal, especially if you are a beginner. Every spellcaster is different and everyone will see different results. It will take a lot of work, patience, and experimenting through trial and error to find out what truly works for you.

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  • Carefully review your Money Spell:;

I suggest you to wait at least one lunar cycle about 28 days before re-casting the spell. Also, depending on your goals and intentions, it can even take longer than that, for example when working with long-term goals. It symbolizes growth, rebirth, manifestation and abundance. Another possible hidden meaning of this same open-work charm is that the human represented in the coin may in fact be female.

And as the Mandarin Chinese word for "fish" is a pun for "abundance", the hidden or implied meaning of the depicted images on this open-work charm is an abundance of wealth. For this reason an open-work charm depicting two lions and a cash coin could symbolise the wish for high ranks and wealth to be passed down from one generation to the next. Open-work charms that feature the design of a lotus [17] according to Buddhist tradition symbolise a detachment from worldly cares due to the manner the flower which is perceived to be beautiful to emerge from the pond's muck.

Open-work charms depicting pavilions and temples first started appearing during the Song dynasty , and the majority of these are thought to have been manufactured in the city of Dali. An example of an open-work charm with a pavilion in its design possibly depicts the " Temple of Confucius ", within the pavilion of this charm musician is seen playing the guqin while outside of the building two men are seen playing weiqi.

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Outside of the pavilion bamboo plants and longevity stones could be seen. It is believed that the people in this charm represent Confucius himself. Open-work charms that depict peacocks are generally believed to have been cast in what today is the province of Yunnan at the time of the Song dynasty , as peacocks are native to the rainforests of this region many indigenous peoples there such as the Dai use them as inspiration for their styles of dance and art.

Like with many other open-work charms that depict animals those that depict peacocks display them in pairs, peacocks represent a desire for peace and prosperity and may also be used to represent fertility as the ancient Chinese people believed that a single glance from a peacock could impregnate a human woman. Peacocks displayed in pairs on open-work charms symbolise an affectionate couple that fly side-by-side in love with each other.

This open-work-charm also features a crane which like the other animals and Xiwangmu is a symbol for longevity. Chinese open-work charms that depict the Qilin symbolise a wish for good fortune, longevity, charity, prosperity, and for benevolences to befall the wearer.

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Qilins are depicted as having a dragon-like head and a deer-like body but with scales instead of fur. There is a rare open-work charm which illustrates two males standing across from each other with a fish facing the right at the bottom of the charm and a battle shield between the tops of the two men at the top. These open-work charms are also a part of the family of Chinese marriage charms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 25 April Retrieved: 02 May Ramsden - Chinese Openwork Amulet Coins, Published by Springer. Mevius - Chinese charms and amulets.

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We attract money through our thoughts and intentions.

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