Creating Great Business Partnerships

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If you're pursuing your dream, then it's probably worth it. But when you add in the complexity of business partnerships, it's not difficult for one person to suddenly be contributing more than the other. To avoid this, consider setting limits before you reach them.

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Talk with your partner about how much you are willing to put into the company. If you find out you're both willing to volunteer different amounts, that's okay. But be sure to maintain full transparency in this. Again, documenting and setting specific metrics for what you'll give can help prevent bitterness and peer pressure down the line. Although no one likes to consider it, business partnerships can end.

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There is a chance you and your business partner will break up. While it may not be pleasant, it shouldn't have to get ugly. That's where the business dissolution plan comes in. Ideally, you will have already created a partnership agreement at the start of your relationship.

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This would outline how to go about ending the partnership or changing partners. You may want to have a personal conversation with each other to discuss what could potentially end your alliance or where you will draw the line.

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The dissolution plan should include a timeline for the entire process of separating, payments that must be made to various attorneys and tax agencies, final documents that need filling like tax returns, a list of tasks that require completion, such as the independent valuation of your business, and notifications to stakeholders of the dissolution. Business partnerships can be hard. Simply liking the person does not guarantee it will be a success. But when done right, a business partner can be one of the most important relationships in your life.

You can share your collective knowledge, relish in company successes together and share the burden of stress that comes with entrepreneurship. These tips can help you maintain a thriving relationship for the entire lifetime of your business. Skip to content.

4 Qualities of Great Business Partnerships

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View All Funding Options. Payment Solutions. International Payments. Employee Spending. Vendor Payments. Automated Payments. View All Payment Solutions. Insights and Inspiration to Grow Your Business. Talk may be cheap, but it can be worthless if uttered without direction and even cost you a client, a deal, or your whole business. A direct message is priceless: as E. White writes in the timeless Elements of Style : Every word must tell. You need to surround yourself with forward thinkers. Make sure your people are ready for changes, even the most unprecedented challenges. Changes are constant.

The most successful leaders are able to inspire and influence everyone: their executive team, employees, customers, clients, partners, investors, and many others. Inspiration cannot happen without clear communication. Success can quickly inflate egos to the point of isolation of leadership and alienation of those who are most critical to your ongoing ability to survive and thrive. It takes a dynamic person with a positive, honest, forward-looking attitude to inspire and influence the people involved in building and growing enterprises and communities.

Like any community, a healthy ecosystem must be nurtured to achieve continual success. A sustainable ecosystem is the structure you form around yourself. Although it may feel counterintuitive, to thrive within a volatile world, leaders must be aware of the present moment while simultaneously setting their sights on long-term goals: purpose must be a part of the present.

Since value creation is qualitative as well as quantitative, no metric can completely capture success. Which requires the resilience provided by mindfulness, and the buoyancy provided by partnership. Nobody succeeds in a silo. Whatever we venture—personal, professional, philanthropic, political, or private—we must remember the people involved in and essential to our success.