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At that point the Holy Spirit directed me to continue with the writing for a book. Destiny, Becca, and Mauri, the three main characters. They continue to introduce other children to Jesus.

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Great job, Becky! Continue your labor of love. I look forward to working with you in some capacity during Blessings to you.

Looking forward to the next book in the series!!! Does it have to stop at The Wonder School? Children who are around me are drawn to this book and are absolutely in love with Destiny and her circle of friends!!! This is to be a wonderful social outreach gift to begin to teach evangelism in our churches to our children!

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God is Moving!!! Author: Written Voices Blog. Tags: Children's Books. There are 3 comments for this article.

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Crossing a street with a just-purchased American flag in one hand and a milkshake in the other, Mr. Now apparently working as a congressional aide, she climbs into a limousine with an older male politician. In an ill-thought-out gesture of adolescent rage, Mr. And are we meant to cheer the dedicated but ruthless Ms. The two of them go on a test-drive together, and he apologizes for his mistreatment of her during the election fiasco.

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As the film ends, she asks him to sign her senior yearbook, suggesting the beginning of a truce. With almost twenty years of perspective, this postproduction decision seems patently right. The bitter yet wistful tone of the rewritten ending—which implies, in a final coda, that Mr.

Better to remember Mr. Two lovers cross boundaries both personal and national in this ambitious, zigzagging love story, one of the most romantic films of this century.

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