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It is much easier to go through the jungle on a road than to cut a path with a machete. I think our use of written and spoken language is a reflection of the way our minds have evolved as a species. We tend to not do very well at self-preservation under certain kinds of stress, nor in large groups. These addictions are a fairly accurate way of reflecting the way we have evolved. The premise of changing deepest metaphors is doomed, according to neuro science, because those original metaphors are actual physical structures developed in the first four or five years of life, and all subsequent learned metaphors are lain upon these deepest, pre-rational metaphors, in more or less metaphorically concentric layers, never contradicting the deeper, earlier metaphors nearer the center.

All the more reason to root out those deepest metaphors. As I said, they are actual physically manifest structures, not ideas or anything we can get to; not ever. The closest anyone ever gets is one or another version of Enlightenment, which is quite rare. The postmodern philosophers were not so much appalled by frames and totalities as by their precedent and dynamic form: enframing and totalizing, which has now produced our end-stage toxic process of capital uber alles. He writes about the egological human being and society as distinct from the ecological, and the profound difference entailed therein.

It is a matter not only of ideology—though it certainly matters how we think and, inevitably, frame matters—but of living this into being. As has been noted more than once, the point of philosophy is not merely to note what needs to be changed, but to change it. Where our relationships are ones of conflict, competition, and worse, we indeed will need and produce separate actors to at least attempt some reduction of resultant mayhem.

This separation, however, carries with it a bevy of familiar problems, ones that have in fact produced the very circumstance we need to resolve: it is separation that is the product of dualistic thinking, and it is our corollary estrangement, alienation, enmities, and murderous nationalisms that have proceeded therefrom. We will, to recall Dr. Why do you want to change the world? Do you think you know how to change the world? Do you think you know how to be a better person? Why then are you not a better person?


The thesis that proto-Indo-European languages originated in the steppe in the bronze age is simplistic and questionable. Much more likely they are older — deeper into the Mesolithic — and the steppe invasions and expansions were a back-migration of one or a group of Indo-european tribes that had mastered new technology horsemanship, mounted archers, chariots and potentially genetics lactose tolerance in adulthood and were super successful as a result. The paleolithic continuity paradigm and alternatively the anatolian PIE theory are more plausible alternatives.

But blaming the the white guys is pretty standard and never gets anyone in trouble……. Swordsman of the narrow lips, Narrow hips and murderous mind Fenced with chariots and ships, By your joculators hailed The mailed wonder of mankind, Far to westward you have sailed. According to the paleolithic continuity paradigm, PIE predates farming deep into the Mesolithic populations of Europe.

The paradigm of conquering warrior PIE speakers rapidly colonizing all of Europe and replacing thepeaceful mother earth pre-IE populations is a fable much beloved by fascists but not supported by the archaeological or genetic evidence, tho the linguists love it. Once again thank you for your comments.

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I just read recently that the Mother Goddess myth was disseminated by Bachofen, a Victorian dude. Sexual essentialism and orientalism go so well together and serve similar agendas. Three concepts.

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The western ideas of the individual, the second is the subcontinent ideas of of societal strata or tribalism and third being the Asian ideas of of family structure govern how we think. Thank you for this post.

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These include a lack of public awareness or acceptance of the gravity and immediacy of the problem; increasing recognition of the complexity, economic impacts and difficulty of implementing effective policies; psychological factors that inhibit constructive action; and complacency, among others. We thought we could sort it out later, but now it seems it might be too late.

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  8. And when a voice from a younger generation questions that, instead of listening we resort to insulting it. The psychiatric association lumped them together for some nefarious purpose of their own, probably to sell more drugs. Good question.

    She can characterize herself — which most autistic people cannot. Thanks, OC. Not to diminish an amazing person, nor detract from her message. My comment is based on what I read about her, which was widely discussed in the media during her visit to the US. This from an article in Salon on Sept The Himalayas blocked spread from India except cultural, eg Buddhism , but they run east-west and the Indo-Europeans came from the west. The mountains are lower farther north, and indeed there are mummies of likely Indo-Europeans in Sinkiang, buried in the sand.

    The Chinese presumably got horses from them, though. The Tocharians were a well-established indo-european culture at the eastern end of the silk road and there is strong evidence that it was they who introduced bronze technology to the Chinese. The Tocharians were overrun by theTurkic-speaking Uighers, who are a hybrid Turkic-Tocharian population genetically. After reading up some more there, I see the Tocharians went all the way back to 2, BC, and thus it is possible that they introduced bronze making technology to China, the earliest evidence of bronze there was found in Erlitou Culture sites, which is thought to exist between BC to BC…maybe.

    So, it is possible. The mask seems to depict that mythical beast, Taotie, who had no jaw, and was forever insatible. It was made with numerous small emerald stones that were set in place, with no adheseive, into grooves that were cast with the particular design pattern think Champleve instead of Cloisonne.

    Again, the source of emerald, like lapis lazuli, might have been Afganistan or some other central Asian countries. One Chinese myth tells a story about Mu, who dreamed of becoming an immortal.

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    A brave charioteer named Zaofu used his chariot to carry the king to his destination. The queen of king Wu Ding of the dynasty before Zhou — her name was Fu Hao — was said to be a fierce warrior assisting her royal husband in subjugating the Yi tribes to their east where Confucius was born a few hundred years after that.

    She was so unusual in that aspect that one might suspect her to be a Scythian. Also, the jade objects found in Hong Shan culture in Mongolia include mostly serpentine gemstones ancient Chinese used the Chinse word, yu, which translates as jade, for all kinds of stones , and some Lapis lazuli. I have one small such object from Hong Shan, in the shape of a bird or hawk. Now, the main source of lapis lazuli has been, for thousands of years, in the mountains of Afganistan, bordering Uzbikstan and Xinjiang.

    There is one that is still being mined, today, after over thousands of years. Many thanks for taking the time! An enterprising bunch! The decipherment of the Tocharian language, extinct since the 9th century? SO an enterprising and learned bunch, sadly now extinct, at least culturally. Makes ya wonder. Human personalities seem to be pretty universal. For an example, beyond personality: supposedly, Navajo talks about space and time in ways that correspond to actual physics far better than, say, English.

    But modern physics nonetheless developed among mostly Indo-European speakers, not Navajos, because the prerequisites existed there.

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    Physical reality and cultural resources seem to be more important than linguistic quirks. On a more short-term basis, framing does matter, and some of that is built into habitual phrases and word uses. This kind of Sapir-Whorf linguistic relativism has been pretty comprehensively discredited scientifically.

    It has a certain dorm-room late-night bull-session appeal, but little or no real evidence has ever been produced for it. This post is just a re-heated version of the Sapir—Whorf hypothesis in linguistics. I think this hypothesis puts the cart before the horse. An Eskimo has words for many different kinds of snow because an Eskimo looks at snow differently than someone unfamiliar with running sleds and dogs. The special words are a shorthand for the concepts an Eskimo needs to describe snow.

    They make it easier to think about snow for Eskimo uses and make it easier to communicate about snow to other Eskimo sled drivers who may wish to cross an area. A non-Eskimo sled driver can conceptualize snow as well as an Eskimo — but has greater difficulty communicating. I believe this difficulty in communicating is the largest part of Neoliberal efforts to drive all discussions of economics into their vocabulary. I think the difficulty in communicating using bad jargon is one of the great hobbles with which Marxists have crippled themselves. Scientists, Physicians, Lawyers, and any who presume a place among the learned have gone to lengths to obfuscate their communications deliberately creating an aura of mystery and magic.

    Humankind is remarkably new. The physical types of CroMagnon Man were scampering about almost a million years ago but there is little to distinguish this creature from other proto-humans until around thousand years ago.

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    Even then the distinctions were small until about 30 thousand years ago when quite suddenly Humankind became a very different kind of animal. That is very recent time on the scale of geologic time. Hardly time enough for evolution to weed out any design flaws. The concept of original sin is one of the earliest notions of a flaw innate to humankind. Much more recently, theories seeking to explain the nature of the change in Humankind 30 thousand years ago suggest the possibility of some as yet un-expunged flaws in the human design.