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After Ms. Elias died, on Jan. And when Ms. Gilbert said now. But Ms. Gilbert has lately begun guarding the privacy of her physical domicile. She modeled the apartment of her protagonist on her own one-bedroom. A storied British actress named Edna Parker Watson and her doltish husband flee London when the Blitz destroys their house. Gilbert read Alexander Woollcott, the s-era New Yorker writer, among other period work, to get the tone right.

Sex is mostly sport to Vivian, who pursues it cheerfully through late middle age, while staying resolutely single. Gilbert said. And I wanted to write a book about a woman who was willing to take risks with her safety in order to be sexual. Nor was Ms. You can actually survive your terrible judgment.

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She has certainly endured greater trials, having nursed Ms. Elias from her cancer diagnosis until her death. Gilbert said proudly.


Elias grew up in a traditional Syrian Christian immigrant family that had settled in Detroit. She gave as good as she got.

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She ended up being a speedball junkie on the Lower East Side, she was at Rikers, at Bellevue, in God knows how many rehabs. She carried with her all of the wisdom and mercy of those years and never judged anybody no matter what they were doing because she knew intimately what it was like to be a good person trapped in horrible behavior. It was a stark contrast to Ms. The family grew their own food, raised bees, chickens and goats, and heated their falling down house with a wood stove.

They stacked wood, milked goats, fertilized the trees. Birthdays came with not just a gift, but a new responsibility. She daydreamed a lot, which meant she often drifted away before the chores were done. Despite my best efforts. Message from Myrtle Beach. Heather is a Angel and she will be missed. If only I knew she was in need of love. A candle was lit by liz burgess on October 22, PM.

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Message from Bob and Mary Ellen Fairchild. Bob and I were so very sorry to hear about Heather's passing. Please know that she is in our prayers. May she rest in peace. We will also pray that God gives you the courage to carry this sorrow. Look to Him and He will help you. I am sorry we can't attend the services but Bob just had surgery and is unable to make the trip there. Aunt Mary Ellen and Uncles Bob. Message from Rane Cassidy. My prayers are with Heather's family and friends. Message from Tara.

Heather will be so deeply missed by so very many. To her family I am so sorry for your loss, she truly brought light and life into other people's lives. One of the most fun and caring people I've met and she will forever be in my heart and remembered forever. P Heather. We all love you. A candle was lit by Tara on October 22, AM. Message from jo ann turner. Message from Robyne Arrington. I am so very sorry to hear of Heather's passing!

I knew her from when she lived in Myrtle Beach. We use to gather with a lot of other friends and enjoy the myrtle manor viewing parties together on Thursday nights. We had so much fun. She was such a sweet person. I am just devastated! She will be greatly missed! I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers! A candle was lit by Jessica on October 21, PM. Google used to make it tough in terms of keyword consistency, such as using only one keyword per page. Now you can put in synonyms for those keywords and key phrases and related words because that is what Google and readers are looking for.

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