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Current Affairs. Historical Fiction. True Crime. So far the best candidate appears to be Osira'h , the secret daughter of Nira and Jora'h. The Hansa begins building military robots Soldier compies to fight the war using technology copied from Klikiss robots. Two new races of elemental entities are rediscovered—the fire-based faeros and aquatic wentals —who join in the war against their ancient enemies, the hydrogues. Anderson , published on July 29, Publishers Weekly wrote that the novel was "Crackling with energy and buzzing with action," calling it "thrilling" and a "hot summer read.

The elemental war between hydrogues and faeros continues to sweep across the Spiral Arm, extinguishing suns and destroying planets. Hansa Chairman Basil Wenceslas and his figurehead King Peter attempts to unify all branches of the human race to stand together against the threat, even if they must resort to deception and oppression to do so.

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The Roamer clans and the people of Theroc do not give up their independence easily, however, and Basil's policies soon force the disparate civilizations to forge alliances of their own. Partly as a distraction from their peril and partly as a desperate hope, the Hansa launches an ambitious new colonization program using the network of recently discovered Klikiss transportals, instantaneous gateways that take colonists to many abandoned Klikiss worlds. On the planet Ildira, newly crowned Mage-Imperator Jora'h faces the responsibilities and secrets his predecessors have imposed upon him: a breeding program forced upon a colony of human captives and an uneasy pact with the Klikiss robots that could result in the extinction of the human race.

But Jora'h must also survive an open rebellion among the Ildirans unleashed by his own brother Rusa'h , the first in 10, years. Anderson , published on July 18, Ildiran Mage-Imperator Jora'h is preoccupied with the bloody rebellion that his brother Rusa'h has launched across the Ildiran planets, with the help of Jora'h's own first-born son Thor'h. But as the war between the hydrogues and faeros continues, the hydrogues offer the Ildirans peace if they help destroy the humans.

With some of their hidden bases found and destroyed, the wandering Roamers scatter into hiding, trying to keep their culture and government intact, even when faced with enemies from all sides.

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Speaker Cesca Peroni , leader of the Roamers, finds herself stranded on a small icy outpost where miners have uncovered a hibernating army of Klikiss robots. It soon becomes clear to Cesca that the black robots are anything but benign. Anderson , published on July 13, Publishers Weekly wrote that the "fabulous fifth volume With the fate of the Hansa seeming darker than ever, the increasingly desperate and irrational Chairman Basil Wenceslas's punitive treatment of Hansa colonies and free-spirited Roamers, as well as his refusal to aid the burned forest world of Theroc, has made enemies all around.

Pushed into a corner, Ildiran Mage-Imperator Jora'h has reluctantly agreed to assist the hydrogues in exterminating the human race so that the Ildirans will be spared. Ancient verdani thorny tree battleships arrive after a long journey across the universe to aid Theroc, while the Roamers' plan to seed aquatic planets with wentals to rejuvenate the elemental race comes to fruition.

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The final hydrogue assault on Earth is put in motion, and with the Hansa's loss of military might and allies, the outlook is grim. Anderson , published on December 10, The hydrogues have been defeated across the galaxy thanks to the combined efforts of the Earth Defense Forces, the Ildiran Empire, the Roamer clans, the wentals and the verdani. But as the various factions try to recover, Hansa Chairman Basil Wenceslas intends to brutally crush any resistance to his rule.

King Peter and Queen Estarra , having escaped Earth and Basil's plot to kill them and their unborn child, have fled to Theroc and declared a new Confederation. Peter embraces the Roamer clans, denouncing Basil and assuring that the essential Theron green priests across the galaxy will not aid the Hansa until Basil abdicates.

An ever-growing number of colony worlds, already devoted to Peter and tired of their treatment by the Hansa, also declare their independence from Basil's government and ally themselves with Peter. Despite several losses in their bid to seize control of the galaxy, the Klikiss robots continue to attack helpless worlds with stolen Earth battleships. They are stunned to come face to face with their ancient enemies the Klikiss, who have returned after 10, years intent on reclaiming their former worlds and willing to annihilate anyone who happens to be in the way. Jora'h's brother Rusa'h, thought killed when his rebellion was crushed, returns as an avatar of the faeros, devouring the souls of planet after planet of Ildirans to rejuvenate the weakened fire elementals and destroy Jora'h.

Anderson , published on July 1, At the end of his rope, Hansa Chairman Basil Wenceslas has alienated all of the other factions in the Spiral Arm in his increasingly myopic and destructive struggle to reconsolidate the power he once held over the human race. With the Ildiran Mage-Imperator his hostage to thwart an Ildiran alliance with King Peter's Confederation, Basil installs a new puppet king of the Hansa: Peter's own brother Rory, thought killed years before.

Rusa'h and the faeros have seized control of Ildira and Theroc with much loss of Ildiran and human lives. Anderson , published on February 1, Publishers Weekly commended its "superlative art" but noted that the plot "feels more like the rushed synopsis of a story than the story itself. A few hundred years before the events of Hidden Empire , eleven generation ships had been dispatched from an overpopulated Earth to find new planets to colonize.

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Earth is now governed by the wizened King Ben, with Hansa Chairman Malcolm Stannis pulling the strings behind the scenes. The series has received varied reviews. Publishers Weekly called 's Hidden Empire a "stellar launch of a new series" and a "fascinating future epic", and praised its "engaging characters. Anderson announced a sequel trilogy called The Saga of Shadows on his blog in December In the far future, humanity began to search the stars, sending out vast spaceships that would take generations to reach their goals.

In the depths of space they encountered the Ildiran empire - apparently the galaxy's only other intelligent civilization.

Saga of Seven Suns Book 1 Hidden Empire

The Ildirans came to Earth and passed on the knowledge of their stardrive, allowing humanity to expand to the stars. Almost two hundred years after that first contact, there are human colonies proliferating through the galaxy. As Mankind seizes the future, danger comes from the past, for two human archaeologists glean forbidden knowledge from the ruins of a dead world.

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Once, the insect-like Klikiss ruled the stars.