How to Throw the Javelin (Properly!)

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Together, they cited 9 references. Categories: Featured Articles Javelin. KittensPlay Games. Learn why people trust wikiHow. It also received 27 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status. Learn more Grip the pole correctly. To hold the javelin properly, you have to place it in the crease of your hand. You need to keep the point of the javelin pointed in the direction you want to throw in. Keep the javelin lined up with your eyes. When running up and transitioning to throw the javelin, look in the direction you are throwing.

It has to lie along the length of your palm instead of across from it. You have to hold the javelin at the back of the cord, which is the grip placed around the center of gravity of the pole. One finger needs to be placed beyond the edge of the binding. Just make sure to keep your fist nice and relaxed, not tensed. Beyond that, there are three main grips that you can choose from. Think of it like wrapping your hand around the pole normally, except that your index finger is extended a bit more in comparison to your other fingers.

The Finnish grip : For this grip, you have to place your thumb and the first two joints of your index finger behind the cord, while the index finger supports the shaft of the pole. This is like the American grip, except that the index finger is extended further away, and the middle finger is a bit removed from the ring and pinkie fingers. The "V" grip : For this grip, you should hold the javelin between your index and middle fingers, behind the cord. Think of it like making a peace sign and then placing it below the pole.

Hold the javelin up near your head. Before you begin running, lift the javelin up above your shoulder so that it is about even with your head. The tip should point down towards the ground slightly, but otherwise the javelin should be parallel to the ground. Turn your palm toward the sky, creating a natural platform for the javelin to rest on.

The One-Step Throw

Take the "Approach Run. Begin running towards your target with the javelin.

If you are a beginner, then you can just take about 9 to 14 steps. If you are more experienced, then take 14 to 20 steps. Let your free arm swing across your body. Flex the arm carrying the javelin to fix its position. Perform the "Withdrawal. When you're ready for the withdrawal, speed up a little bit and allow the arm that is holding the javelin to extend fully behind you.

Turn so that the left side of your body is facing your target as well. Make the "Transition. This is where you get into the javelin tosser's "lean-back" position by putting your right foot ahead of your center of gravity. As you do this, pull the javelin back a little further so that the tip is lined up with your eyebrows.

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Let the right heel touch the ground. As the right foot moves forward, move the left foot up and lean your trunk back at a degree angle. This phase is finished when your right foot is on the ground and your left leg is forward and elevated.

How to Introduce Javelin to Young Athletes | Coaching Young Athletes

Do the "Pre-Delivery Stride. Move your left leg forward and direct your shoulders and hips towards your target. Straighten your torso. Turn your face toward the direction of the throw. The javelin should be parallel to your shoulders. Position your throwing hand above shoulder level. Perform the "Delivery. Once the left foot hits the ground, your left side must be ready to hold the weight of your right leg, which drives up and forward and brings the hips into a right angle with the throw.

You should plant your left heel and thrust forward with your right. This will help to keep your right shoulder and chest moving forward and aligning with your hips.

How to Throw the Javelin (Properly! (English Edition by AnneMarie Whelan

As this is taking place, continue following through with the throwing arm with the elbow leading. Move your throwing shoulder over your left leg. Your hand should follow through the entire shoulder, elbow, and hand should move through similar to a bullwhip acting as one with each section following one after the other. Lift your left leg and move your throwing arm, with the elbow placed high and close to the mid line. The javelin release angle should account for aerodynamic lift and drag.

Experts recommend 33 degrees as the optimum angle. When your arm reaches the top of its arc, let go of the javelin. Your arm should be over your head, in front of you, and not behind your back, when you release the javelin. Move into "Recovery. If you're throwing with your right hand, the hand should end up in front of your left side. The left foot is on the ground. The right leg passes it and then stops you. How quickly you stop depends on how much momentum you built during the run-up.

click here Thanks for your tips. I find it helps them to get their feet right! Tanya Broadbent. Like Like.

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Thanks for sharing. And the other important factor is that using the suitable safe javelin for kids training and practicing.

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  7. I am a big fan of using modified javelins with novices. The Turbojav is my favourite. Thanks for your comment.

    How to Introduce Javelin to Young Athletes

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