Introduction to AutoCAD 2010

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Introduction to AutoCAD

Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information The main purpose of this book is to provide civil engineering students with a clear presentation of the theory of engineering graphics and the use of AutoCAD Each chapter starts with the chapter objectives followed by the introduction. The contents of each chapter are organized into well-defined sections that contain step-by-step instructions to carry out the AutoCAD commands.

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The drawings shown in this book are created using AutoCAD and Paint software This edition includes several notable improvements. Three new chapters have been added and one of the chapters from the edition has been partitioned into two chapters. The most important addition is chapter 18 entitled: Suggested Lab.

This chapter provides in-class activities or labs. Table of Contents 1. Introduction to Engineering Drawing 2.

Introduction to Parametric Drawing in AutoCAD >

Basics of 2-Dimentional Drawings 4. Basics of 2-Dimentional Editing 5.

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Layers 6. Blocks 7.

AutoCAD: Introduction to AutoCAD -

Dimensioning Techniques 8. Land Survey 9. From there draw a line two units to the right by typing. Next type. Remember to press enter after each point. Now erase the last box you just drew. Then press. Now redraw the box for more practice! Take a moment to think about what you just did.

An introduction to AutoCAD 2013

You first drew lines based on. Then you drew lines based on points. Draw a third box using. Next enter. What you have just done is drawn a line 1 unit long at Do the angles you entered make sense to you? If not, review it. The last thing to draw is the arc curved line that you see in the bottom left square.

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Now you can enter the center point which will be. Then you'll be prompted for the start point, enter. There are many different ways to draw an arc. Try another method in the other square. Also, you'll learn later that you can draw a circle and then trim it to leave an arc. To finish the drawing, try putting a 10"x7" border around the page starting at.

When you have done the assignment, the next step is to print or plot it out. To do this, bring up the plot dialog box using any method explained above. Set it up to print as shown below. Follow these steps for a successful plot see diagram below : 1. Select your pr inter - laser or inkjet wi ll work fine. Even though the textbook and the version of Autocad that we will use is the latest, the instructor will emphasize the most basic commands that apply to recent as well as older versions of Autocad.

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