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But Lucy slaps it out of his hand and tells him they have to first wait for their guest Mitzi's doll. Emily whispers to Mitzi to get her doll ready, then Little Bear knocks on the board to make the sound of knocking on the door. Lucy hears the knocking and declares it's their guest, and tells her to come in.

Mitzi Gaynor - Screen Test for South Pacific #2

But just as Mitzi raises her doll, it was reviled to be a doll of a monster, mush to Little Bear and Emily's friends' surprise. Emily gets cross with Mitzi while covering Lucy's eyes telling her that her doll was not a doll, but a monster. Mitzi tells Little Bear and Emily that the monster doll is all hers, and her parents say she's a little monster, so her monster doll is one too.

Little Bear and Emily's friends wonder why the show not going on, Owl suggests their having an intermission, while Hen thinks their finding another doll for Mitzi. Little Bear, Emily and Mitzi start to continue the show.

Mitzi Perdue - Mitzi Perdue Mitzi Perdue

Fisherman Bear welcomes Mr. Lucy gives Fisherman Bear a piece of cake, while Monster asks for one. Then she gives him a cup of tea, while Monster asks for a cup too, but Lucy explains it's for Fisherman Bear. Lucy continues saying, "I don't remember inviting a monster to my tea party.

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He asks if he'd like one lump of sugar, or two. But Monster says he wants eleven lumps of sugar, much to Fisherman Bear's worry. Monster puts a lot, and a lot of sugar in his cup, causing Lucy to run up to him saying that's way too much, and he can get a toothache. Lucy and Monster start to fight while Fisherman Bear tells the audience Little Bear and Emily's friends that it's just pretend sugar, so Monster can eat as much as he wants.

As Lucy and Monster keep on fighting for the sugar, Fisherman Bear sings a fisherman song and fishes for a fish for Lucy, making Little Bear and Emily's friends clap and cheer. Lucy was pleased and says that they can had the fish for their supper. The House Ways and Means Committee, which proposed the plan, is expected to vote on it by the end of February. View the discussion thread. A new plan being developed by the Vermont House Committee on Ways and Means could make some significant changes to how Vermont finances education.

Mitzi Wyman

The plan would shift some of the burden from property taxes to income taxes. The Vermont House Committee on Ways and Means is taking a serious look at making some significant changes in the way education is financed in the state. With an executive branch in Republican hands, and a Legislature overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats, ideological conflict is part and parcel of state government these days.

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And it became clear Tuesday afternoon where that partisan divide is widest. Related Programs:. While I was flicking through the in-store magazine and punching in the numbers to the computer, Mitzi had apprehended the man from behind the counter and was making him search his staff computer. As the queues built up, Mitzi just hinted that he resolved her query faster.

Meeting up with Mitzi, however, has definitely become more of a two-way street than I'd imagined before. When changes came in my professional life, including two new job roles and the stresses that come with that process, Mitzi showed an express interest through interviews to resignations and first day nerves. That same friend who introduced me to the charity sadly died and Mitzi was there to offer comfort and support.

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