Princess Diana, Mary Magdalene, and the errors of Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

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For a product displaying a "View Offer" button clicking the button will direct you to the product on the associated shop's online store where you may complete the purchase. Through the organising of these myths, lie runs the world, a watch-guard over human society. Ancient myths arose out of a collective subconscious creativity, and at their foundation was always some sort of reality.

Contemporary myths are characteristically and consciously an organised lie. In them is no naivete. This may sound pessimistic, but it must needs be recognised, that lie is mortared into the foundation of the organisation of society. Berdyaev, from " The Paradox of the Lie". Culture is nothing more than agreed upon lies. Hyatt, The Tree of Lies. It is as if they live inside bubbles with percent internal reflection.

lot of 2 Hardcover Books by DAN BROWN - The Da Vinci Code & The Inferno

Others may be able to see into their bubbles but they cannot see out. Having lived through the human emotional plagues that spawned the two world wars, Reich saw that none of the major events of wartime could be blamed on the will of selected individuals acting rationally. Rather, those travails were products of leaders and followers who could not act rationally because they were trapped in an overwhelming disorder that had its roots in the unconscious and it shaping by the antisexual forces of patriarchy.

Robert S. The other history is the history which is known to very few. For the majority it is not seen at all behind the history of crime. But what is created by this hidden history exists long afterwards, sometimes for many centuries, as does Notre Dame. The visible history, the history proceeding on the surface, the history of crime, attributes to itself what the hidden history has created. Ouspensky, from A New Model of the Universe All that has remained of it or those traditions which in the form in which they exist today — in astrology and the like — are sheer dilettantism. That is what has remained of ancient astronomy, and it has also remained, ossified and paralyzed, in the symbols of certain secret societies, Masonic societies and the like.

There is usually entire ignorance of the fact that these things are relics of an ancient astronomy. Rudolph Steiner, from The Bridge Between Universal Spirituality and the Physical Constitution of Man "Mystical knowledge refers to the private, ineffable and non-verbal communication i. Neyrey, from " The Sociology of Secrecy and the Fourth Gospel " "Theological" knowledge is a kind of "deep knowledge that penetrates below the surface," thus providing mythical frameworks of interpretation or rationales for perception and action; novelist Tony Hillerman has gained special access to this through informers.

Neyrey, from " The Sociology of Secrecy and the Fourth Gospel " "Liturgical" knowledge refers to the correct manner of conducting ceremonies and rituals, i.

Neyrey, from " The Sociology of Secrecy and the Fourth Gospel " "Dogma" refers to a superficial form of knowledge about the group; it involves a rote form of learning and represents the official "received" views of the group Certain people know more than others, because information is controlled so that certain people know more than others.

Those most "in the know" with knowledge of the core myths and rituals rank highest. Those with specialized knowledge of this or that item belong in the middle, while others who know little or understand superficially are ranked lowest. This may be easily verified by inquiring into the degrees of membership in various secret societies, such as the Masons or the KKK.

Princess Diana Mary Magdalene Errors Da Vinci Code b by Romanov Boris -Paperback

Was it only what he said? Or does it not include what he did and suffered? But does the teaching stop even there? A critic may claim that Jesus failed because Christian life has become what it has become. But is not the distortion, the crucifixion of the teaching, also, in a larger sense, part of the teaching itself? And if man is to become a Christian, perhaps it is absolutely necessary that he witness the same process of distortion within himself. This is a serious challenge to the mystical disciplines and one that points to the importance of demonstrated reliability and coherence in a theory for it to be distinguishable from a fantasy or a lie.

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However, it is possible to argue that some beliefs classified as magical can be falsified. Therefore, a voodoo hex using an object representative of the intended victim i.

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  4. The target of the hex will begin to experience increased vulnerability and will perhaps become ill. A citizen of Europe, however, is less likely to suffer if he is hexed, because the cultural system that favors the hexing process is not present in European surroundings.

    In Africa, then, the belief system of voodoo has an empirical basis in the effectiveness of hexes and perhaps therefore can be falsified. One is the Bloodline, which goes back to the Nephilim. The other is the Tradition -- the Authentic Tradition. The two have complemented one another, and sometimes they have worked against each other, like when witches and magicians were destroyed in countries where the Bloodline was alive. This Jewish intermarriage could have included offspring of the historical personage who has been given to posterity under the name of Jesus.

    And it could include persons such as the Magdalene, a Benjaminite, and a popular Saint in France. This would account for the Legend of the Two Fathers. This was usually facilitated by Divinities mating with Humans to produce offspring. The Hohenstaufens also, and, of course, the Merovingians, lest we forget; and the kings of the Ancient World all ruled by Divine Right.