SEO Panda Penguin PART 1: Google Link Building Optimization. Help In Practice Made Simple

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20 Years of SEO: A Brief History of Search Engine Optimization

Websites that were of a high quality and promoted organically received a boost, thereby improving search results. To start getting websites to the top of these new search algorithms, some SEO marketers needed to change their tactics. For more information on the most significant changes to the Google algorithm and how you can avoid getting penalized by them, check out the Simplilearn algorithm updates guide. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.

As such, there may or may not be something specific you can do after these types of updates, other than focus on producing a great website.

What Are Google Panda & Penguin Safe SEO Backlinks? How to do Search Engine Optimization for Google

SEO marketers can no longer increase the usage of a keyword or create link spam to the website. Ranking highly in search results requires a more in-depth approach with a focus on value for the user. One of the best ways to rank well is to produce high-quality content. High-quality content, such as detailed blog posts or videos that provide value to the reader, are more likely to be shared and linked to by other sites. Other sites could link to it as a resource, and readers may begin sharing it on social media.

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As more people share and link to it, this guide moves up the search engine rankings. SEO marketers still need to learn about the intricacies of aspects like keyword research, linking strategies, on-page optimization, and domain authority.

A good SEO marketer will make tracking these changes a regular part of their work so they can react accordingly to any changes they encounter. To stay up to date, there are a few resources you can use:. This levels the playing field and makes it more likely that the best websites appear the highest to searchers.

In order to figure out which websites are authoritative, they crowd-source the rating process. Search engines do this by counting external links — sometimes called backlinks. These are links from another domain to yours, and each link is sort of like a vote.

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Not all votes are created equal, however, and links from high authority domains carry more weight. If your website is receiving a lot of links from other reliable domains, search engines will likely view it favorably. Remember crawlers — those bots that crawl around the web cataloging pages?

Is SEO Dead? How Content Shock Is Changing Search Engine Optimization

They like to follow links, so including internal links to pages on your website is also important. Since links are so important, link building — the practice of actively working to acquire links for your content — is critical for many websites to improve their search engine rankings.

However, link building can take a dedicated amount of time, and low-quality links can sometimes hurt you more than they help. Good SEO can help you perform well in organic search, appearing higher on the lists of results that users see. On the flip side, bad SEO can hurt your performance in organic search.

Manual SEO Panda Penguin PART 1: Google Link Building Optimization. Help In Practice Made Simple

In the best case scenario, bad SEO just makes it hard for search engines to understand what your website should rank for and how much of an authority you are on the subject. Creating an SEO-friendly website is a balancing act between many different elements.

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When you practice SEO, try to create a website that a human would want to read. Ask yourself: if a person came to my website with a question about my subject, would one of my pages answer it to their satisfaction? At the same time, ask yourself if your website can be understood by a rudimentary intellect. For example, would an elementary school student be able to answer questions about what your website is about and would they be able to connect certain pages on your website with certain questions? The first step to creating a website with content that reads well to both humans and crawlers is to find out what people really want to know.

Good SEO should maintain everything about your content that makes it interesting to people, while still giving search engine algorithms the tools they need to understand your content. Ultimately, writing high-quality content that speaks to both humans and bots is a part of any good SEO and content marketing strategy. Want to work with a top SEO agency? What is a Search Engine? Today, some of the most well-known search engines are Google, YouTube, and Bing. Crawlers In order to do their jobs well, search engine algorithms need to examine almost every single page on the web.

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Search Engine Algorithm Updates Search engines have a hard job — sifting through millions of pages on the internet and trying to present users with exactly the right pages that fit their interests and answer their questions. Here are some of the most well-known updates in Google history: Panda : The Panda update was one of the first major updates in modern SEO history. This SEO trend is continued even today, as Google strives to promote high quality content in its rankings. Penguin : Before the Penguin update, websites were sometimes able to use spammy backlinks to rank low-value pages in search.

Penguin cracked down on low-quality links, punishing sites with manipulative practices and boosting the importance of high-quality, relevant links. Hummingbird : Hummingbird helped Google better understand user queries with an increased focus on natural language and context.

This update was significant as it made Google much more of a conversational search engine. It helped to connect users with the most relevant local results for their queries. RankBrain : RankBrain is an AI that tries to understand exactly what searchers are looking for when they enter specific queries. This helps Google to understand questions and queries formatted in vernacular more clearly.