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Brownies that Mrs. Patmore would approve of.

Slow Days Of Summer by Garrison Keillor scored for Piano/Vocal/Chords

The WordPress Deviation. The Physicality of the Space. Discovery: Save-on-crafts. The Slow Days of Summer…. Down the hall and around the corner…. Fireplace Envy.

How to complete all the Fortnite 14 Days of Summer challenges

Utter Simplicity. Finishes, Finishes. Soul Restoration. Architectural Elements.

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Some of the Best Solutions are Very Simple. Discovery: Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker. The Un-Umbrella Stand. Opportunity for Refinement.

Finds from the Prairie. Not Everything is Brilliant. Walking in a Winter Wonderland…. The Simple Summer Table. Things as they ought to be…. The Prettiness of Ugly. The Heart of Chocolate Ganache. New to the area, Ramon was nervous to join a gym but after the warm welcome he received, he felt right at home. Thanks to a blend of cardio, team training and working out with AF coach, Jeremiah, he's seen incredible changes in his life.

Especially for those in underprivileged communities. I want to help people see they can be healthy, they can lose weight, they can accomplish their goals. Keep making healthy happen. Let's show him some AFLove! See More. Mashed potatoes, step aside. It's cauliflower's time to shine!

New outfits and more in the Item Shop. Jump in daily for a new featured island.

How To "UNLOCK" The *NEW* Low n' Slow Pickaxe! - 14 days of summer challenges

Mode Details: Everyone deploys to a vehicle at the start of the game Impulses will drip into your inventory during the match Last man standing wins Splashdown Squads Simple summer fun, try to eliminate opponents with the new Water Balloon Item. Mode Details: Respawns on Will primarily be able to damage people with the new water balloon item First to the goal score wins Power Up Solos Become the most powerful player in the match.

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Mode Details: Respawn on at the start, but turns off after a set time Max shields increase every time you consume a shield Shield drops in supply drops greatly increased Shields will fill up to full when respawning is turned off Leave None Behind Duos United you stand strong, but divided you fall. Mode Details: Slurp effect always active while no teammates are down If a teammate is downed, they become immune to damage While a teammate is downed, all other teammates lose their slurp, and begin taking damage over time Use With Care Duos Resources are scarce in this mode so make sure you place builds efficiently!

Mode Details: Spawn in with an initial amount of building materials Cannot get new resources throughout the match Last one standing wins Headshots Duos Take your time and be careful with your shots, and may whoever has the best aim win. Mode Details: Can only deal damage with headshots All shotguns removed Tank Battle Squads Simple twist on normal BR that greatly increases the health and shields players start with.

Mode Details: Start each game with some of the best weapons in the game Eliminating other players makes your weapons worse First to get an elimination with the final weapon wins Rumble Squads A new take on the classic Team Rumble.

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Mode Details: New loadout granted on a timer Respawn is on First to goal score wins Strategic Structures Squads Think before you place in this twist on normal building. Mode Details: Metal and stone structure healths increased Metal and stone resource farming increased Metal and stone material caps lowered Tags. Read Next Guides July 5, Guides July 3, Guides July 2, Guides July 1, July 5, July 3, July 2, July 1, Jordan Mallory Jordan Mallory is a year games industry veteran with more heart than sense. August, Men of Game Development

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