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On the last page it said that there is a full version of the book available and I would be really interested to read and review it. There were a lot of Christian references and conversations in the book but I don't think the author went overboard with it to the point where a non-Christian would be annoyed. I really enjoyed it! LibraryThing member wakela. Very touching, yet hard tale of a woman who faces her father down after dealing with a child hood of incest. There were moments in this story that were a little to difficult to read about.

It was definitely well written and a great story. However, like I said, there were scenes that were a little too intense for me. I received this short story for of the ebook from LibraryThing Member Giveaways in exchange for a review. LibraryThing member ToniWI.

Spin the plate is a short story the covers the life of Jo, a troubled woman with terrible past and her relationship with Francis, a seemingly homeless man. The characters were well developed, but the story was not. Spin the plate felt like an incomplete story. It left me confused about what I was supposed get from the story. I later discovered that the short story I read was a piece of a full length novel. The novel may be better, but the short story left too many unanswered questions.

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LibraryThing member CrystalMitten. I feel the writer never spent any time researching tattoo artists, shelter animals, the legal system or really anything else she incorporated in this story. Nothing connected, even when the writer tried to make a "feel good Christian ending", I was left knowing I'd never get back the hour I spent reading this story. LibraryThing member kalyka. You don't always get what you ask for, but sometimes you'll get lucky. In this case, not so much.

'Good Sex, Great Prayers': A Journey in Publication (Part 4: Spinning Plates)

Spin the Plate, a short story, is the basis for the novel of the same title. It revolves around Jo, a young woman who has survived the trials of incest and child rape. She has come out of it broken, but you wouldn't know it, since she keeps people, especially men, at bay, with only her menacing scowl and the bulk she has managed to develop over the years. The only affection she seems to have is for her pets, rescued or otherwise. As a matter of fact, her only real passions seem to be rescuing abandoned and mistreated animals and perpetrating physical harm to those who abuse them.

She's also a talented tattoo artist, able to do custom, one-of-a-kind designs for each customer. Then comes Francis, with his own past, who not only does he not feel threatened by her, but is completely engrossed by her. From then on, a friendship, then a platonic courtship forms.

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We eventually learn that Jo has been molested and raped by her father every month between the ages of four and fourteen, until she was sent to juvenile hall for two years. It was during those two years that she bulked up in a dramatic way, and she now keeps herself perpetually exhausted, if only to forget.

As for Francis, he's not really what he seems to be. This story was short and sweet, for all its Christian undertones, and the characters evolved well in the limited amount of pages that Anastasi wrote. Jo goes from being intimating, as she tries to forget her past, to becoming someone who may actually be able to move on, with Francis' help.

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Francis, on the other hand, comes off as a knight in shining armor, sent to save Jo and release her from all the rage she has built over the years, and from the loneliness that has become an inevitable consequence. However, there are some major plotholes. First among them, she comes to trust Francis in a relatively quick fashion for someone who would be naturally distrustful of people in general, especially if she meets them by chance on the train.

I found that Jo lets her guard down much to quickly, as she has built a wall to come between herself and other people. Also, when Francis confesses that he's not what he seems to be, why does she still trust him? This betrayal alone would have normally sent her into a fit of rage, as the protagonist herself had admitted. But in the end, she finds herself unable to walk away, only because she doesn't seem to care whether his confession was true or not. A bit naive, I find. Second, when she gets around to reporting her father, the proceedings go by swiftly, and her father gets the expected sentence.

I got the feeling that the author hasn't done much research into the legal system. Even with undeniable proof, cases like this usually take a long time to come to a verdict and a sentence. Also, sentences are usually given as a result of compromise between defense and prosecution. Third, even though Jo thinks that tattoos reveal too much of one's past and personality, it's customary for tattoo artists to have some on their own skin. The tattoos reflect their passion for that art form, and they're proud to display them, for all to see.

I agree that tattoos are a reflection of who you are, but most people won't ask for their significance, and most tattoos are easy to conceal.

Like I said, short and sweet, with a happy ending. Nevertheless, the fact that I couldn't really relate to the characters and major incongruities contributed to my increased disinterest in this story. And although it is the basis for a novel, this short story has not compelled me to read it. LibraryThing member JanaRose1. Jo has emerged from a traumatic child and has remade herself into a powerful, angry woman. She is a tattoo artist however, spends the nights roaming the streets rescuing animals and hurting animal abusers.

Oddly, she meets and becomes close to Francis, an odd eclectic character. I thought the Christian references and conversations were a bit over the top. Overall, I rate this book a two out of five. Maybe I have come up short, missed a deadline yes it has happened , or gone dark with a colleague unintentionally, there is the inevitable smash of the plate as it is hitting the ground. I remember the mistake, I learn from it, then I move on as forward progress is always key. So all of this to say, that when your complex operations increase in pace and intensity a broken plate is not a signal of utter defeat, but rather a bright light on the opportunity in front of you.

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No current Talk conversations about this book. RavenswoodPublishing Aug 28, RavenswoodPublishing Aug 27, This was a fascinating short story. Spin the Plate blew my mind with how different it is from the other stories I read.

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Spin the Plate short story, is a story that cannot be described as a set genre - there are so many aspects to it. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. References to this work on external resources. Wikipedia in English None. No library descriptions found. Available for Kindle for 99 cents. The author has a few review copies of the full novel to giveaway, email Donna spintheplate. This is the story of Jo, a woman who has come through a traumatic childhood not battered and broken, but powerful and enraged.