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And a little bit of programming. Before that I was in a project working with a telecommunication company to help create an overview of their upgrading process of low-level telecommunication infrastructure for the hole country. In short move a way from Excel to a grafana based dashboard solution with event driven Automation. At first, I worked for a consulting firm developing their own software for trading at the energy market. There I helped developing a algorithm trading platform and a Backtesting software solution based in java. NET 1.

Looking to make the leap to Java maybe. Email: odorousrex yahoo. Location: NYC Remote: days a week for most of the year, week stretches during some of the year. I made the shift over to full-time software development in and I'm looking to grow in the role of an independent contributor. My long-term mission is to build a company that helps students in non-technical communities gain apprenticeships in the technology field. Currently, I'm looking to join a company with a mission that helps people lead fitter, healthier, happier lives, or a company that supports entrepreneurs or small businesses.

I enjoy building out APIs and connecting with external APIs, dealing with algorithmic challenges, and writing clean, understandable code. We have deep roots here, and Nashville traffic is worse every day. NET stack especially, as I've been using it since the beta.

At least this isn't a full screen pop up! 😅

In addition to that, I have a book coming out through APress in August, and have done a number of conference talks and the like. I'm really wanting to either 1 get involved with a more scrappy, smaller company that doesn't consider software a cost center, or 2 get into a role that includes more writing, teaching, and mentoring of developers in addition to just coding. Email: williamwgant yahoo.

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Ask me about the time I acted in a Jackie Chan movie! Email: mail andrejgajdos. I have worked for clients all around the world in many different industries. I have background in computer science and am able to create everything from small business websites to custom web applications. I had been an iOS engineer for the last 7 years and a self-taught product designer for the last 3 years.

I never saw myself as a person that only know how to complete tasks, but more of a product person, an explorer, an experimenter, a constant learner. There's so much more than just coding and a nice UI when it comes to mobile apps. An end-to-end process that I love. I'm a blend of both design and technology. Been working mainly with local NYC government client for the last 5 years. Would love to continue serving the public sector or a non profit organization. Have several years of experience in user experience design, but been focused on frontend development and automation over the last 4 years.

Willing to relocate: No. I am looking for a company where I can solve real problems and continue growing while contributing in a meaningful way.

I also love helping new developers and share my knowledge. If I am not familiar with some part of your stack, still shoot me an email, I am willing to learn pretty much anything!! Recent years focused on the emerging cloud native computing stack, helping software developers and organizations be successful with it, and solving problems.

I have many areas of interest, and am interested in applying a Systems and Infrastructure approach and skillset into various other industries and verticals like transportation, energy, agriculture, etc. Location: Minneapolis, MN. Remote: No. Willing to relocate: Yes. Resume: Upon request Email: talakola. Efficient in using multi-threaded capabilities in Java to consume real-time message feeds using Kafka.

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Dealt with both no-sql and sql systems to process and query large data sets. Enjoy solving problems in a collaborative environment. Would be really interested in a role doing ClojureScript! With a background in games and computer graphics, I've recently been working on developer tools, CAD software, data visualization, mobile and web development. I've gotten to like building stuff with web technologies and have been specializing in building tools with three. Most of my professional work has been with startups, building ambitious new software from the ground up.

I've got a good eye for design especially as it relates to learnability and efficiency of use , solid fundamentals, and can communicate well. Here's the most recent thing I designed and built using three. Let's build something amazing together!

Written PHP consumers. Mentored and trained small teams of developers. Hands-on leader of projects, large and small. I love work that has a real impact on people's lives and would enjoy continuing to do that. I also have experience in building and leading engineering teams. Why should you hire me? I focus on listening on what you really need and only after I'll suggest solutions - I have a sense for design and business, so you're not only hiring a developer but a generalist who happens to be a pretty good software engineer.

Email: anthony at mutable dot co not a typo Experienced software engineer seeks new relationship in exchange for financial remuneration. Must love dogs!! I'm a freelancer specializing in mobile app development. I've been working remotely for the last 5 years. My experience with mobile apps goes back to and most recently includes React Native, Kotlin and lots of Swift.

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Looking for individual contributor or team lead role. Interested in building all kinds of stuff, most importantly in a great team with folks you share with, learn from, and grow. I mainly evolved in a FinTech startup and eventually got promoted to lead a team of 12 people. Complex tasks are also welcome - I am able to involve other developers where necessary and manage the project. Would love to work with companies that successfully scaled their business quickly e. I'd like to work remotely from my home town in Edinburgh, where I've been working remotely for over a year now building apps in the social media and e-commerce space.

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Get in touch! Haven't done any Web front-end stuff, it's very ugly in general. Email: rabite0 posteo.

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CyberSecJob 4 months ago. Location: Vancouver Remote: Preferred, not required. Willing to relocate: Yes - worldwide. Technically, I'm currently creating an Elasticsearch service and pipeline that ingests terabytes of logs per day.

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Logically, I'm trying to develop a data model that will work across multiple log types i. All the while staying within budget and ensuring each team has the data they need for maximum productivity. I'm excited about opportunities to use my skills in regards to security within a cloud environment. Right now I'm much more interested in a position where I can grow my skillset than salary, location, or other factors. As such, I'm currently open to moving worldwide for the right opportunity. Note 1: Interested in part time work, particularly in the security field.