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Josh Hunt believes in the power of the small group ministry in your church. And, his belief is contagious. What would your year-old self, looking back on your own life, advise you to do in the moment?

The Best Question Ever: Week 1, Jan 19, 2014

We so easily lose perspective on what takes up our energy and focus. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this to enjoy living.

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Life is a balance of knowing when to enjoy the moment vs. What would happen if…? And when you get pushback to these questions, reframe the negative answers with possibilities. Write down 5-year goals. Whenever there is an opportunity cost, I have my team go through this exercise.

The Best Interview Questions We've Ever Published

In group settings we too often we find ourselves having completely different conversations. It creates ownership to make sure the goals will be achieved. And it creates a shared responsibility to provide the resources required time, money, talent, etc. I use this question all the time with potential business partners. By removing the perceived constraints that bind us and focusing on mutually desired outcomes, we often discover new pathways of possibility.

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The most important aspect of business is still to always get it done in person. Reach out to a person in a position and industry you admire, and ask them if you can take them to coffee and hear about how they got there. Sales is very easy when others explain what they want and need from you. What are the questions that made the biggest difference in your life?

35 Questions That Will Change Your Life

Comments encouraged. This is a BETA experience. You may opt-out by clicking here. Self-Awareness What are you pretending not to know? Subscribe Now: Forbes Entrepreneurs Newsletter All the trials and triumphs of building a business — delivered to your inbox. On the other hand the second question was what I have come to believe is the greatest question that can ever be asked at an interview, I believe it to be the most effective recruitment question than can ever be asked.

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This question did not just seek information it penetrated the very heart of my understanding of what I needed to do at an employment interview to ensure I presented myself as a talented, motivated, focused professional worthy of their admiration and suitably equipped to accept their offer of employment. By this stage of the interview process the Chair of the panel and chief protagonist was clearly not content that the panels earlier probing questions had done its job and sufficiently unsettled me.

I had comfortably answered all the questions up to this point, sadly their question designer had little understanding of how to match questions to audiences. But back to the two questions: The worst question came first, it needed some preparation on the part of the questionnaire who was the organisations Chief Executive.

The Best Interview Questions We've Ever Published | First Round Review

He had clearly been considering this approach during the earlier part of the interview and had an emergency script ready to implement. This was a person filled with confidence, bursting with a desire to take me on, prepared and ready with what he knew was a killer question. And then the question was asked, the tone was at least questioning if not vitriolic, everything about the question challenged my right to even sit in the interview chair. Even as it was being asked I could almost sense the panel willing me to stand up and begin edging back towards the exit prepared to run out the door a defeated applicant embarrassed that I even considered myself worthy to submit an application to join this organisation.

Hold on. This is important.

What a stupid non sensical question! Clearly this was an organisation that not only needed to revisit its interpretation of shortlisting but more importantly it needed the strong assertive and professional HR presence it was clearly trying to avoid.

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There was only one answer you can give to a stupid question like this one. Some people seem to think that freedom of speech naturally brings with it freedom of thought, sadly this is seldom a natural pairing.