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A Redheaded Trap. Terminal Beginning. Last Stop on the Way. Exploring the Stationhouse. Death in the Night. Appointment with a Lunatic.

Simon Cantan

The Long Corridor. The Cries of Small Children. Return to the Professor. Rocket Jump. Meeting the Locals. How to Remove Unwanted Undead. Dark Castle. Picking Out Trouble. That said, everything comes together as the story progresses and I truly enjoyed the action scenes and humor.

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Overall, an entertaining novel from Cantan. Kindle Book Giveaway! School, Library or Charity? Free books for your school, library or charity. Become a Reviewer Share your opinions to help authors and readers.

If they feel any non-Pack wolves called "Mutts" become noticeable to humans, they kill them. First, Logan is killed. In an ambush Peter is killed and Jeremy, the Alpha, is seriously wounded. Finally, the pack figures out that the "mutts", tired of being governed by the Pack, are trying to free themselves from their rule. To do this, one mutt, Daniel, has started turning human killers and other escaped convicts into werewolves to fight the pack.

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Armstrong says Bitten was inspired by an X-Files episode on werewolves. She had the idea to portray werewolves as other than "bloodthirsty, ravening beasts" and quickly wrote a short story about a young woman who becomes a werewolf to present to her writing group. Eventually, Armstrong fleshed out the short story into a novel that became Bitten.

In the Women of the Otherworld series, unlike many modern horror fiction stories, werewolves transform into full wolves in a painful transmogrification , while maintaining their hair colour and body mass, making them extremely large wolves. Although transformations have to occur regularly, Armstrong's werewolves are not affected by phases of the moon, can shape-shift at will and can learn to transform a single part of their body. Werewolves can be killed by anything that can kill a human and have no extra sensitivity to silver.

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They age slower than humans. For example, Antonio and his son Nick, despite an age gap of 17 years, pass themselves off as brothers in human company. In fact, Pack sons are raised referring to their fathers as 'uncle' while amidst humans, in order to avoid questions.