The Corruption of Innocence

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Flora leaves the estate sick and in hysterics, vowing never to speak to the governess again, and Miles dies. Whether or not the governess was correct in thinking that the children were being haunted, she was definitely wrong in thinking she could be the hero who saves them.

The fact that the governess was misguided in adopting a heroic stance suggests several interpretations. One possibility is that the forces of corruption are too powerful for one person to oppose.

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Perhaps the governess could have succeeded only with the concerted efforts of the school and the uncle, and perhaps the children could not have been saved. Another possible reason why her heroism might have been inappropriate is that childhood and innocence may be too fragile to be protected in such an aggressive fashion.

Lori St John -- Corruption of Innocence: A Journey for Justice -- Gables

One of the most challenging features of The Turn of the Screw is how frequently characters make indirect hints or use vague language rather than communicate directly and clearly. The headmaster expels Miles from school and refuses to specify why.

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More straightforwardly, it could be a technique for engaging the imagination to produce a more terrifying effect. The Turn of the Screw by: Henry James.

Lori St John -- Corruption of Innocence: A Journey for Justice -- Gables

Character List The Governess Mrs. Grose Miles Flora.

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