The Mind Game of Cricket

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Brain Lara jumped as a trigger at one point in time, Ponting triggered across his stumps on the front foot to whip through mid wicket, Sehwag hardly moved his feet. So I would like to propose, that all these guys were different but what helped them all were what I would call the fundamentals. Balance at the crease still head with strong body positions, ability to attack and defend, understanding of their own game, ability to read the game.

Mind games – why the four part cricket series is a must for all students of the game

Many would say in batting that technique is to get you runs or in bowling to get you wickets. So yes there is a time to focus on technique, to refine a part of your game as perhaps you get in trouble because of it. However come game time, it is executing the skill that is important, no matter the technique. If you look at all those batsmen I mentioned before.

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Yet they could all execute their skills in order to score runs. Skill is your ability to hit the ball where you want, given where the ball has been bowled. When you get bowled a half-volley, can you hit it through the covers?

When it is the last over of a match, can you nail those yorkers. Or do you have to constantly try to refine it which takes your focus away from execution and places it on correction?

Cricket: a game played in the mind as much as on the pitch

I would go with starting to trust your skills which will then start to happen in the game more effortlessly. However, there is a mental part to this too.

Yes perhaps, you are playing down the wrong line or dropping your shoulder. Heck there are cricketers out there who are very. I am however suggesting that we start.

However, when cricketers go onto the field, we want them in performance thinking space. Performance thinking is about being busy with game plans and doing what you need to do in the moment to get the job done. You can watch my video about this here.


Over focusing and over thinking on technique can become an obsessive exercise. Mostly in my understanding mental errors, cause technical errors. However, there can be instances when they function separate.

Cricket, the Great Mental Game – Quadrant Online

The importance of a catch or run-out can never be understated. A run-out chance could be the difference between winning and losing a match. Especially when the opposition is in a good position.


Take for example the wicketkeeper. You must think of yourself in the same way.

Cricket Bowling Tips

Top quality teams usually have excellent fieldsmen who anticipate well and are always moving. Ricky Ponting, Paul Collingwood and Hamish Marshall are among those who you should model yourself on while fielding. Just as important is to relax I between balls. Fielding therefore is a lot like batting.

By this I mean thinking about something completely irrelevant while the ball is dead.

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