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He was finally caught when he posed as a FedEx courier at Sydney International Airport where he persuaded victims to buy watches, perfume and jewellery he claimed had been seized from criminals.

The Monkees

Former ID thief comes clean. The court heard that, armed with false FedEx identification, Faulkner approached people on the street, in train stations and even in their offices offering to sell them cut-price goods taken by Australian Customs. Last May, Faulkner struck up a conversation with two tourists on a river ferry saying that his name was Barry Franks, a FedEx employee at Sydney Airport who had access to "heavily discounted" items seized by Customs.

He even produced a list of the goods that were for sale. He did not return with the Ducati.

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The court heard that at least three other victims fell for the FedEx scam. In each instance, Faulkner had taken cash in return for goods that never materialised. However, his activities came to the attention of airport police, who then launched a nationwide hunt for him.

He was arrested in the inner-city suburb of Paddington. Furthermore the book includes an annotated discography, accounts of the many concert tours as well as an annotated listing of each episode of the show and a biography for further reading. Create Widget.

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In order to keep the Monkees out of the way at the Columbia lot and thereby out of sight of the more conservative forces, the black box was built during the second season. A hole was knocked through the wall of the set to accommodate a giant soundproof black box complete with a meat freezer door and handle.

The Monkees Announce New Album, 50th Anniversary Tour

This was the Monkees' new home. Inside the box there were pillows, bunks, instruments, telephones, amps, refreshments and in each corner, a different colored light to indicate which Monkee was required before the cameras. In Baker's "Monkeemania" Davy Jones tells that the box was about 12' x 16' and that they all liked being there.