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There are many different marketing techniques both online and offline. Major offline examples include trade shows, networking and in-person speaking engagements. Traditional, offline networking has been an important part of the professional services industry for some time, but these days crucial relationships are forged more and more often through social media like LinkedIn. Download the Visible Firm Guide. Speaking engagements and seminars have long served as platforms for industry leaders to share ideas and vision with the industry.

Today the Internet allows these ideas to reach a wider audience through webinars and blogs. In this evolving, increasingly complex marketing world, how can professional services succeed? Which techniques are the most important for building a powerful reputation? Not everyone recognizes specialization as a marketing technique, but in fact, it is among the most powerful. Specialization impacts every aspect of your business, from the audiences you target to the messages you craft. Specialization is perhaps the most powerful differentiator.

Visible Experts are exactly what they sound like: high-visibility experts in your industry. They are leading figures who advance big ideas and draw clients through the sheer power of their names. Our research shows that firms with in-house Visible Experts experience a variety of important benefits. These highly visible experts generate more leads, command billing rates that are up to thirteen times higher, and close sales more easily.

For firms with rising experts on their teams, cultivating Visible Experts from within is a powerful strategy. By educating your audiences, you demonstrate your relevance to them and show them your qualifications as an expert. There is also a second key benefit to blogging.

Search engines like Google look for fresh content on your website. They also give preference to content that is linked to by other sites. A robust guest blogging program coupled with engaging content on your own site is a great marketing technique to deliver these twin benefits. This is also why blogs and articles are an important part of any effort to cultivate Visible Experts — not to mention a cornerstone of online marketing.

A website carries your identity and message to an ever-growing online audience. But it can do more. A lead-generating website is carefully crafted to serve as the hub of your online marketing efforts. Attractive, easy-to-find content is served alongside relevant offers designed to convert visitors into leads, all integrated into a comprehensive lead-generating and nurturing ecosystem.

Going hand-in-hand with a lead generating website is a thoughtful strategy for search engine optimization. SEO is really an umbrella term for a variety of techniques designed to make sure that your valuable content gets in front of the right audiences online. There is no shortcut here. You must develop well-written content that is truly useful to your specific target audience. There are also a host of important technical issues to attend to.

It is indeed an art and a science. Speaking engagements confer credibility and often put you in front of a highly-targeted audience, presenting an excellent opportunity for generating leads. A potential customer might choose to buy your product over going someplace else specifically because they feel like they are helping the cause.

Plus, your company becomes known for giving back. Helping others is the best way to get known in your community. Kindness is free and effective. Before a new client walks through your door, they are likely to look up reviews on Yelp to see what customers are saying.

Yelp Ads can put your business at the top of the results page when people search for similar businesses in your area, giving you more visibility over your competitors. So, for example, if you run a cafe, you could create a quiz about coffee. Google Forms is a great and free way to create the quiz. Then distribute the quiz link through your social media or newsletter. Depending on your budget, you could also offer a prize to the person who gets the most correct answers, like a gift card or something similar. Once you have a reasonable number of responses, create a leaderboard of those who got the most correct answers, and post the leaderboard on your website.

The people who made it onto the leaderboard might share it on their social media channels, therefore giving exposure to your business. Those who see the leaderboard and think they should be on there will then take the quiz to try and move onto the leaderboard, therefore also engaging with your business.

The quiz is a fun and interactive way for people to engage with your business. The more people who take the quiz, the more exposure your business will get. Encourage your customers to put their money where their house is and shop locally. Whether this is taking out an advertisement in the local or regional newspaper or running campaigns that are specifically conceptualized to gain local attention, localized marketing helps to spread the word of your business in the local and surrounding communities. Like ripples in a pond, your reputation for quality services or products starts to spread to wider regions.

Audiences expect to connect with brands online in as real a format as possible. Live streaming through media like Facebook Live or Periscope give small businesses a free way to interact with current and prospective clients on the cheap.

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This builds rapport with your audience by providing value with your content that, in turn, promotes your business. It makes sense if the focus of the meetup relates to the focus of the business. Arrange for experts to head the meeting, answer questions and keep the conversation flowing. The first marketing idea for any business should be creating a website to showcase your product or service.

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Click here for a free analysis. One way is to design your funnels around the awareness, education, evaluation and retention framework. This gives you an advantage when your prospect reaches the next stage of the decision-making process, evaluating the right solution to buy.

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Retaining your customers successfully involves a mixture of enabling them with the right training material and providing top-notch customer service. Connect with 30 new LinkedIn contacts a day. You can scale this using scraping platforms. Potential clients are everywhere and the more you drive around, the more people will see you. There is a lot of power in a local footprint.

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Sponsoring a little league team is a great way to gain visibility. You are doing a good service for the local community. Those T-shirts are highly visible with a captive audience.

It is a win-win situation. Become an expert in your community. Reach out to local junior colleges or your local chamber of commerce and offer to be a guest speaker. You will have a captive audience to talk about being an entrepreneur and potentially about your products and services. Being a community expert will have you and your business recognized around town giving a ton of brand recognition. This method doubles as a way to recruit top talent from local universities and colleges as well.

Find ways to encourage sign-ups to your list — from your website with ebook offers, subscribing to your blog or sharing sales. From there and once you have that permission! Using tools like HubSpot and MailChimp make this really easy. Find like-minded, noncompeting businesses in your area with a similar target market and figure out a creative way to work together. The key is to make it unique while also easily executable on both sides.

Think about your company and the business you are partnering with — what makes you both stand out? How can you tie those things together in a synergistic way to leverage the customer base of both businesses in an authentic way? Micro-influencer marketing is very effective and can lead to great exposure and often to solid conversions.

In the past several years, the focus has been on macro-influencers.

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These are people, including celebrities, who have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. This type of influencer marketing can be expensive and the engagement rate is often not that high. Micro-influencers, however, those who have typically between 1, and 50, followers across social media have a very loyal following and a much higher engagement rate than larger macro-influencers.

They are also much less expensive to work with. How, you ask, can you always be networking? I give to receive. With every interaction — online and offline — I look for opportunities to help others out, ranging from introductions to valuable connections to advice.